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Does my Knee need replacing?

Knee replacement surgery may be indicated if the cartilage in your knee has worn away (arthritis) and you are suffering pain as a result. Mr Tai will talk through both non-operative and operative treatment options with you to ensure that your management plan suits your individual needs. To see whether you may benefit from knee replacement surgery please complete the survey below.

Modified Oxford Knee Score*

*Patients experiencing pain or difficulty with their knees from osteoarthritis may find it useful to answer this questionnaire, which gives a score between 0 and 48. This questionnaire is a modified version of the Oxford Knee Score (which is the standard international questionnaire given to patients with arthritic knee pain).

You will be given your score, an explanation of your result and information to help you to decide if you should see your doctor. Your results are not recorded and there is no requirement to provide us with any personal details in order to complete it.