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Knee Arthroscopy (Keyhole Surgery)

Knee arthroscopy can be performed for a number of reasons. The knee contains two types of cartilage, articular cartilage and the meniscus. Mr Tai carries out knee arthroscopy to treat damage to either of these types of cartilage. Damage to these structures in the knee may result in pain, catching, clunking in the knee, or in rarer circumstances, complete locking.

An arthroscopy involves making just two small incisions (5-10mm) at the front of the knee and as a result, recovery is usually swift. Mr Tai is happy for most of his knee arthroscopy patients to immediately bear weight on their operated leg, and return to full activity as soon as the wounds are healed (10-14 days) and the patient feels ready to do so.  

After the operation, should you wish, Mr Tai can provide you with photographic images of the inside of your knee, so that you can see exactly what was performed during the procedure.

Keyhole surgery for a torn meniscus